10 February 2014

500L Beats Edition™ and new 2014 500L range: the new additions to the 500 family for continuing growth


  • Début of the new 500L Beats EditionTM Special Series: blend of cutting-edge technology and metropolitan look
  • New 2014 Fiat 500L range: rationalisation of the offer and new product features, like the brand-new Venezia Blue, new fabric/leather upholstery and new optionals
  • New 120HP engine versions for the 500L range: the 1.6 MultiJet II turbodiesel, a byword for efficiency and performance, featuring a small variable geometry turbocharger developed by Honeywell; the 1.4 T-Jet petrol engine, a reliability and running costs champion; coming soon, the 1.4 Turbo LPG, the green engine with attitude
  • The exclusive Mopar® accessories for the new versions and all the quality of the assistance services, warranties and maintenance plans offered by the Mopar Vehicle Protection range
  • In 2013, in Europe, the 500L range has soared up the sales rankings to take the top spot in its segment in just a few months, with a share of 17.2%. Moreover, it was the leader in its segment in Italy, with a share of 40.9%, in addition to being the top-selling car both among medium-sized and diesel-powered models


Fiat presents the new 500L Beats EditionTM special series and the new 2014 Fiat 500L range, which rationalises the offer with new colours, interior trims and new optionals for new members of the 500 family.   What's more, the start of 2014 sees the affirmation of the new 120 HP 1.6 MultiJet II and 120 HP 1.4 T-Jet engines for 500L, the latter also in a dual-fuel (LPG/petrol) version shortly. 


The important developments will certainly consolidate the success of the 500 range - 500L, 500L Trekking and 500L Living models - which in Europe in 2013 has soared up the sales rankings to take the top spot in its segment in just a few months, with a share of 17.2%. Moreover, in Italy it was the leader in its segment with a share of 40.9%, in addition to being the top-selling car both among medium-sized and diesel-powered models.


Fiat 500L Beats EditionTM

If the special series of the iconic 500 are a byword for 'fashion', those of the 500L start from the world of technology which, according to the Fiat brand, must always feature sophisticated content but be easy to use, to make everyday life simpler and more enjoyable.

The Fiat 500L Beats EditionTM offers a sound system that is revolutionizing the way music can be experienced inside the car. Legendary artist and record producer Dr. Dre and Interscope Geffen A&M Records chairman and record producer Jimmy Iovine, worked side by side with Fiat Group sound engineers to develop and calibrate the sound system introduced for the first time last year on the 500L model. The result is a system that offers a listening experience marked by premium sound that only two music experts like Dr. Dre and Iovine could have achieved.


On the outside, the Fiat 500L Beats EditionTM is characterised by the refined two-tone grey/black livery - matt or glossy - enhanced by red and satin chrome elements for a modern, metropolitan look. The same style is found inside, in particular in the distinctive 'total black' environment and the new fabric and eco-leather black trim with red stitching.


The new 500L Beats EditionTM special series is on sale starting from this week in the Italian Fiat showrooms  and soon in the rest of the Europe.


New 2014 Fiat 500L range

For the launch of the new Fiat 500L Beats EditionTM and new 120 HP engine versions, the 500L model range is getting an update, with a rationalised offer which includes some important new product features, like the brand-new Venezia Blue metallic body colour and the new fabric and leather interiors, as well as new option packages that ensure more and more benefits to those who become part of the 500 family.

Depending on the market where it is sold, the new 2014 Fiat 500L range comprises three trim levels (Pop, Pop Star and Lounge), the 500L Beats EditionTM special series and the Business version dedicated to professionals. What's more, numerous optionals and accessories are available that, for the customer's convenience of choice and economic advantage, can also be purchased in specific packs, such as the 'Pop Star Pack', 'Lounge Pack' and 'Trekking Pack'.


New 120 HP engine versions for the 500L range

In order to continue in its leading role in the segment, the 500L range too - including the 500L Trekking and 500L Living models, the two developments of the 500's identity that lead the 500 family to explore new territory, breaking the conventional segment barriers - expands with two new engines: the 1.6 MultiJet II turbodiesel and the 1.4 T-Jet petrol engine.


Both turbocharged and with 120 HP - a section of the market which accounts for up to 16% of sales in the segment in Europe - the two power units share the same winning characteristics: performance when it counts, fun driving in all situations and limited consumption and emissions.


The 1.6 MultiJet II 120 HP is a high-performance engine also marked by fuel economy, ideal for long journeys. Its 'secret' lies in the effective combination of advanced engine solutions with Fiat's proprietary MultiJet II technology. Equipped with a variable geometry turbocharger, developed by Honeywell, the new engine ensures segment-leading performance, as demonstrated by the maximum power of 120 HP at 3,750 rpm, maximum torque of 320 Nm at 1,750 rpm, top speed of 189 km/h, acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 10.7", combined consumption of 4.6 l/100 km and CO2 emissions of 120 g/km.


If efficiency and performance are the watchwords of the 1.6 MultiJet Turbo, the 120 HP 1.4 T-Jet is characterised by reliability, compact dimensions and the optimum balance between outstanding driving and running costs.

Specifically, the 1.4-litre engine is a worthy expression of the concept of 'downsizing', thanks to the addition of consolidated, reliable technological solutions such as Fire and Turbo. Today, the more than 500,000 Turbocharged Fire engines produced testify to the success of a technological choice which has become a point of reference in all markets and all applications. With Euro 6 type approval, the 1.4 T-Jet on the Fiat 500L delivers a maximum torque of 215 Nm from as low as 2,500 rpm and enables the 500L to achieve significant performance: maximum power of 120 HP at 5,000 rpm, top speed of 189 km/h, acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 10.2", combined consumption of 6.9 l/100 km and CO2 emissions of 159 g/km.


The extreme versatility of the Fire plus Turbo combination has also permitted the development of a petrol/LPG version of the 1.4 T-Jet, which will be available in the coming weeks on 500L models. In particular, the dual-fuel power unit ensures torque and power on a par with that of the corresponding petrol version, with the addition of the advantages offered by a fuel which represents an effective solution in terms of environmental and financial balance. Additionally, thanks to the adoption of the most advanced technology, the dual-fuel 1.4 T-Jet complies with the strict Euro 6 standard, increases the available range and ensures impressive performance: maximum power of 120 HP at 5,000 rpm, top speed of 189 km/h, acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 10.6", combined consumption of 8.9 l/100 km and CO2 emissions of 144 g/km.


Interestingly, the 1.6 MultiJet II 120 HP fits a small variable geometry turbocharger developed by Honeywell. Leader in manufacturing and technology and one of Fortune's top 100, Honeywell supplies aerospace products and services, building control technologies for homes and industries, turbochargers and high-performance materials to customers worldwide.



Exclusive Mopar® products

Transform your car into a unique, personalised item thanks to the wide range of exclusive accessories created by Mopar®, the reference brand for services, customer care, original spare parts and accessories for the Fiat-Chrysler brands in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

Among these are specific accessories for the new 500L Beats EditionTM, like the brand-new satin-finish moulding on the bonnet, the polycarbonate kick plate and the velvet mats with 500 logo. What's more, 'Mopar Vehicle Protection' is available for the 500 family as well. This exclusive service offer is designed to take care of the vehicle throughout its entire useful life, guaranteeing that all maintenance operations are carried out at authorised dealerships and workshops within Europe by highly qualified and specialised technicians, using original parts.


The 500L range heading up the European rankings

In Europe, last year the 500L range has soared up the sales rankings to take the top spot in its segment in just a few months, with a share of 17.2%. Moreover, it was the leader in its segment in Italy, with a share of 40.9%, in addition to being the top-selling car both among medium-sized and diesel-powered models.


A model that wins over customers with varying tastes, cultures and needs, because it always offers functionality, interior space, versatility, but also something more: it's the only car in its segment to 'have an inner 500', to the extent that more than 40% of customers buy the higher-spec versions, the ones with two-tone livery and equipment typical of higher segments. And that's not all. The 500L Trekking, the 'coolest' model in the range, currently represents more than 15% of all sales.


The Fiat 500L is therefore the perfect example to demonstrate how the future of the 500 family lies in its transversal development: in fact, if the 500 is the "cool" city car par excellence, the 500L adds the functionality that makes it unbeatable in day-to-day life and the performance and contents that let it live new experiences outside of the city limits.



The 500 family is also pioneering a new concept of individual mobility, as demonstrated by the largest fleet of cars set aside for car sharing in Italy: more than 640 cars, 500s and 500Ls, cover the streets of Milan every day, in the Enjoy project - car sharing by ENI in partnership with Fiat - with more than 26,000 people registered who, in the space of a month, have made more than 35,000 journeys.



The new features of the 500L range presented today to the international press will certainly contribute to consolidating the Fiat brand's path of globalisation, which was undertaken several years ago and reached an important milestone last year. Despite the persisting economic crisis in Europe, and in Italy in particular, the brand maintained its position, registering 573 thousand cars to achieve a share of 4.7%, growth of 0.1 points compared to 2012. This is thanks to the new global approach which has seen growth on all major European markets: for example, sales volumes increased by 9.5% in France in 2013, by 20.2% in the UK and by 28.8% in Spain.


Moving beyond the figures and percentages, 2013 marked an important stage in defining the 'new Fiat', and in particular its new international development strategy through two models: the Fiat 500, the icon of the emotional and aspirational brand, and the Fiat Panda, a byword for practicality, simplicity and fun. This resulted in the '500 and Panda families', which in 2013 led Fiat to a position of undisputed leadership in the A segment with more than 27% of the share in Europe.


An important result, achieved in part through the excellent commercial performance of the new Panda, which - in its first full year after the range update - is Italy's best-selling car for the second year running in addition to being second in its segment in Europe, after the Fiat 500. This is thanks to the most extensive and diverse range in the category: it's the only city car also available with four-wheel drive; the only one to offer the City Brake Control safety system which won it the prestigious 'Euro NCAP Advance award'; the only one to boast a engine range which stretches from turbodiesel to turbo petrol, from LPG to methane (the TwinAir Turbo Methane was named 'Best Green Engine of the Year 2013'). 



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