01 April 2019

Abarth 124 rally wins the Tour de Corse in the 70th anniversary of the foundationís day

  • The Abarth 124 rally driven by Enrico Brazzoli and manuel Fenoli wins the R-GT category in the difficult WRC Rallye Tour de Corse.
  • The Italian driver has now full points in FIA R-GT Cup's rank.
  • Two Abarth on the podium: third place for the other Abarth 124 of the Bernini Rally team, driven by Alberto Sassi and Fabio Cangini.
  • Over 10'000 victories of Abarth's pilots in 70 years of races. 

The seventieth anniversary of the Abarth & C's foundation has been sealed by the success of a Scorpion's car. In the difficult Tour de Corse Rally, valid for the International rally Championship and the second race of the FIA R-GT Cup, the Abarth 124 rally driven by the Italians Enrico Brazzoli and Manuel Fenoli has indeed imposed itself in the R-Gt category, preceding the Polish Petr Nesetril and Jiri Cernoch. Third place for another Abarth 124 of the Bernini Rally team, conducted by the Italians Alberto Sassi and Fabio Cangini.


For Brazzoli this is the second seasonal success after the one achieved in the Montecarlo Rally. Now the Italian driver is the first one with full points in the FIA R-GT Cup's rank, basically the Gran Turismo world championship. In the difficult route of the Tour de Corse, Brazzoli dominated the category, winning all 12 special stages. His Abarth 124 rally has had no problems, allowing his pilot to achieve a very important result for the championship, which is composed of 8 races. The next appointment is the Sanremo rally, programmed in Liguria for July 12 and 13. 


Enrico Brazzoli: "I would say that we are very content: the second race was great as well and we got ourselves an extra 25 points. It has been a tough race, we tried to feel more at ease with the car, which was incredible, we did not have any problems at all. Thanks to the Bernini team for the good work: we are getting better, we are looking forward and we are thinking about Sanremo's race".
Alberto Sassi: "I am very satisfied of finishing the race as the car was new, faster and more demanding than a R3T". 


An emblematic victory that, on the Abarth's anniversary, commemorates the over 10'000 successes achieved by the pilots that used to race and still do on the scorpion's cars. In the past the Abarth 595, 695, 750, 850, 1000 of the Turismo category and the Gran Turismo and sport had the most victories. Today the car with most victories for the gentlemen drivers is the Abarth 124 rally, which in its two first season of races, achieved more than 50 successes in the category, winning the FIA R-GT Cup in 2018.



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