05 May 2015

FCA welcomes all the Countries attending Expo Milano 2015


Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Official Global Partner of Expo Milano 2015, together with its brands, welcomes all the visitors to the event with an outdoor campaign composed of high impact maxi-boards, posters and video installations.


Set up in the busiest areas inside Rho station and at the main entrances of Expo 2015, the campaign is based on the universal language of flags to transmit the message with which FCA, as a Global Partner, welcomes the whole world over the next six months.


The idea of the campaign, born out of the creativity of the Independent Ideas agency, sees over 150 subjects moving around the different spaces set up in the communication plan. This involves the different flags of all the guest Countries attending Expo Milano 2015, rethought and redesigned using images of the cars of the various brands - Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Jeep and Lancia - each with a different communication code in line with its own language and positioning.


An invitation to all nations taking part to discover the design, style and values of Italy by virtue of all the brands of the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles group which belong to the largest Italian family.


But this is not the only form of FCA's welcome. Visitors will actually be welcomed and accompanied around Milan with a special digital (at this link) guide, which can be downloaded for free on to smartphones. The guide is available for Android and will be released soon for IOS. A paper guide will also be available in public venues in Lombardy's capital city and in other major Italian cities. "Milano Expo Guide 2015 by FCA" is the official guide that lets you experience the city during the six months of the event and where you can find information on museums, exhibitions, concerts, restaurants, bars, street food, traditional cuisine, hotels, clubs and DJ sets.


The guide will be the perfect "tutor" to highlight the events organised by the various FCA brands, each of which will cover one area of the city, offering the public a series of activities in line with their own particular values. The "Milano Expo Guide 2015 by FCA" app can also be used to plan a tour of Italy based on the itineraries suggested by Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Jeep and Lancia to visit the country following different routes: the iconic Fiat locations in Italy, the most panoramic roads for the pleasure of driving Alfa Romeo, the wine areas to explore with Jeep and the most fashionable corners to discover with Lancia.


FCA's presence

As well as providing an official fleet of 105 vehicles used by the organisation and as courtesy cars for the various delegations which will arrive from all over the world, FCA will be present inside the Expo Milano 2015 exhibition space with an area of 200 square metres in the Corporate Building, where it will welcome the twenty million visitors expected. FCA is also present in the United States pavilion with the RAM brand, the American brand of commercial vehicles, with six Ducato vehicles set up as Food Trucks in the Food Truck Nation area. To demonstrate our dedication to alternative fuels, a Fiat 500e has been exhibited next to an electrical charging point in the ENEL space, another Official Global Partner of the event.


In addition, the Fiat brand is present inside the Expo exhibition space with a very special, environmentally sustainable, urban design project in line with the values of the event: planters, pots and benches have all been coated with a special paint which purifies the air. Thanks to Fiat, it is as if the plants in the flowerpots are able to "increase" their benefits by improving the air around them. The eight planters are also true artistic installations, created for Fiat directly by the designer, Fabio Novembre, who has created a Fiat 500 to a scale of 1:1.


To keep you constantly updated on everything taking place over the next six months, FCA is inaugurating a section on its web site dedicated entirely to Expo Milano 2015. Space will be given to a collection of contents regarding the activities of our group during the event, taken from the social media pages of our Brands and of Expo.


Turin, 5 May 2015          



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