04 November 2011

Fiat 500 and Jennifer Lopez: the pop soul of two world-renowned icons

A cool icon of Italian style but with a marked pop soul, the Fiat 500 continues to capture attention also across the ocean where it disembarked last year to win over American customers. In fact, on the eve of the Los Angeles International Auto Show where the Abarth version will be presented, the Fiat city-car is updating the product placement and communications fields by once again making an appearance paired up with Jennifer Lopez.

In the aftermath of the success of the first music video, "On the floor", which recorded over 415 million visits on "youtube", the famous American star launched her new videoclip of the "Papi" track taken from the "Love?" album (Island Def Jam). To nimbly make a quick escape on the American roads, the multitalented artist wanted to drive a Fiat 500, a car made for everyone who loves to have fun and go anywhere behind the wheel of a thrilling car. A 30- and 60-second commercial has now come out of this marriage between artist and car. It is nothing short of a trailer of the music clip that promotes both the launch of Jennifer Lopez's song and the Pop version of the Fiat 500.

Whereas the commercial will be aired on 6th November on the national television networks, Fiat has decided to broadcast a preview of the clip on the "youtube" channel today, in perfect syntony with the pop soul of the videoclip and the car. The advertising campaign will be online for 24 hours with an interactive pathway that through a series of freeze frames makes it possible to explore a key concept of the video calling to mind the Fiat 500 values - style, charm and ingenuity - which have allowed it to be welcomed with wild enthusiasm in all markets where it has been launched. In fact, today the Fiat 500 is a "global brand" recognised everywhere and as enticing as very few.

Whether in London, Tokyo, Rome or New York, the Fiat model is the norm around the world. Just like Jennifer Lopez, one of the most influential celebrities of the world of show business and the undisputed queen of pop and Latin American R&B music. The new commercial is therefore based on an innovative approach that on the one hand enhances the star's guaranteed impact to the utmost, and on the other consolidates the youthful and pop positioning of the 500 while stressing its international vocation.

Turin, 4th November 2011

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