06 November 2019

Jeep® Renegade takes centre stage at FiftyFifty Lab in Brussels


  • Jeep® brand is partner of FiftyFifty Lab, the international music festival for emerging bands taking place November 7-8 in Brussels
  • A unique event bringing together the best talents from 20 of the best-known music festivals in Europe
  • The Jeep Renegade with FiftyFifty Lab exterior will be the official car of the event


The Jeep® brand is partner of FiftyFifty Lab, the international music festival promoting emerging bands which will be held on November 7-8 in Brussels. On a two-evening program, the FiftyFifty Lab will host 34 bands, from the Belgian and international music scene, in five key locations in the city centre of Brussels.
Of these 34 emerging bands which will be playing at FiftyFifty Lab, 20 were selected by the organization from 20 major music festivals across Europe.
Jeep Renegade boasting a colorful FiftyFifty Lab livery will be the official car of the festival and will shuttle artists during the event.


Participants will be able to go freely from one location to the other - among five theatres chosen to stage the live performances of new, talented artists - while enjoying at the same time an offbeat discovery of the Belgian capital. These theatres include the Archiduc, the Madeleine, the AB Club, the Beurschouwburg and the Bonnefooi.


The FiftyFifty Lab festival appeals to music lovers who want to broaden their musical horizons as well as those involved in the Belgian music industry. For many years, the FiftyFifty Sessions were a showcase for emerging artists. Today, this new project is the culmination of the work done in terms of research of new talents.  


The Jeep brand embraced this innovative project as it represents a natural  extension of the Jeep Renegade's launch strategy -  the compact SUV built in Italy which since its first introduction in 2014 has become the flagship of a new generation of Jeep customers.  FiftyFifty Lab fits the adventurous, ageless and truly international appeal of Renegade while reinforcing  the brand's commitment to the world of music. 


For more information, please visit: https://fiftyfiftylab.com


Turin, 6 November 2019



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