01 July 2013

New Fiat 500L Trekking Commercial Airs

  • 500L Trekking. Life Explorer. Bungee jumping, an escape from a bear and a folkloristic dance: three moments of a day lived intensely by a young father together with a few friends.
  • Accompanying them is the new Fiat 500L Trekking, the latest development of the 500 family with two perfectly fused souls. One is metropolitan for breezing through the city, while and the other is more adventurous, perfect for those little outdoor emotions that make life worth living.
  • The exclusive 500L Trekking Opening Edition, launched in Italy in June that has received 500 orders thanks to the plethora of features available as standard and included in the price.
  • Oddities and anecdotes peppered the production of the commercial shot in Spain.
  • A new digital project will be launched on 4 July.


The new commercial that goes hand-in-hand with the launch of the Fiat 500L Trekking is broadcast starting 30 June. The model is the evolution of the 500 family with two perfectly fused souls. One is metropolitan for breezing through the city, while and the other is more adventurous, perfect for those little outdoor emotions that make life worth living.


Created by the agency Leo Burnett and directed by the director Adam Stevens for the production company 'Filmmaster Productions',  the TV commercial develops around the creative idea that every day can be an unknown territory waiting to be explored. But venturing out there with interest and agility requires talent. Like that of the new 500L Trekking. The same free spirit that inspires the star of the commercial: a young father who continues to live his passions to the fullest despite his new family responsibilities.


It is evening. A Fiat 500L Trekking travels along the streets and parks of an elegant residential neighbourhood. When the car stops, a young couple and their child get out of the car. When they reach the front door of the house, the father realises he doesn't have the keys and even worse, he is unable to remember where he left them. It is at this time that a series of amusing flashbacks start. They reconstruct a day that the young man lived to the fullest together with a few friends on board the 500L Trekking. Every time the scene changes there is a potential situation in which the lead character might have lost his house keys, up to the moment of the unexpected finale.


The first memory takes him back to the morning when he faced an unusual bungee jump from a bridge. Right afterwards he finds himself in a wood dealing with a bear that is chasing him through the trees. He jumps into his car and races off just in time. Now the road climbs, and becomes steeper and steeper. But the Fiat 500L Trekking has no trouble tackling the uphill climb and reaches an enchanting mountain village amidst the laughter of the young men who have escaped the bear. The camera take changes, and now the merry group of friends is in the very midst of an entertaining folkloristic dance.




The last shot returns to reality. The young family is once again standing in front of the door of their home and an unexpected finale will reveal where the house keys had ended up.

It is at this point that the claim 'Life Explorer' is unveiled. It defines both the car's character and the personality of its driver.


It is an amusing and ironic story that highlights the winning features of the Fiat 500L Trekking, the ideal travelling companion, whatever the destination or the experience to enjoy may be. That is thanks to its distinctive all-terrain look teamed with a high ride and specially designed bumpers with protective shield. In addition, the stylish exterior is enhanced by new 17" diamond-finish alloy wheels, satin finish handles and brushed steel side mouldings.


The new model is equipped standard with a smart front-wheel drive with 'Traction+' technology that together with the Mud&Snow "snowflake" tyres (again as standard) improves grip on slippery terrain. All this, without compromising the space and functionality features of the 500L model, the Fiat 'City Lounge' designed to easily accommodate life's little pleasures and greatest joys all together - children, friends, travelling - thanks to its 3.17 m3  of passenger volume and a spacious, regular-shaped boot (up to 455 litres). 

The Fiat 500L Trekking is available with two petrol engines - the 95 HP 1.4 16v and the 105 HP 0.9 TwinAir Turbo - and two turbo diesel engines - the 105 HP 1.6 MultiJet II and the 85 HP 1.3 MultiJet II.


All of the new Trekking's engine versions come packed with high value features. In addition to the equipment of the 500L Pop Star, the Trekking offers important standard features such as an automatic climate control system, electric rear windows, fog lights, Traction+ system, CD/MP3 UConnect radio with 5" touchscreen display, automatic headlights and rain sensor.

One of the engine options which best demonstrates the new model's explorer's spirit is certainly the 105 HP 1.6 MultiJet II, the turbodiesel recently launched as part of the 500L range. It is a highly adaptable engine offering high torque at low rpm, the best in its segment. This makes it the perfect engine for any situation on any road, a true all-rounder which has been received extremely positively by 500L owners - the figures say it all: in just 4 months since its introduction, it has been chosen by 30% of Fiat City Lounge customers.


The same engine was chosen for the exclusive 500L Trekking Opening Edition, a Limited Edition launched in June in Italy which has received 500 orders using both the Facebook social channel with the 'Facebook offer' format and the innovative 'Google offer' that until today has never been used in Italy by an automotive company. One characteristic of the 500L Trekking Opening Edition is its plethora of features available as standard and included in the price: two-tone paintwork, rear parking sensors, City Brake Control, Beats sound or hi-fi system and Comfort Pack (front armrest and electric lumbar front seat adjustment).


A number of oddities lie behind the making of the new commercial. Starting with the bear Tima, which was born 14 years ago in Russia and that has been living the past 8 in Malaga with her trainer Padel. Found in a wood after having been abandoned by her mother, today Tima travels throughout Spain to be filmed in various commercials and movies. If finding a bear in Spain was quite simple, the same was not true for the Tyrolese dancers, so the production company decided to use local actors who were duly prepared by a choreographer the evening before shooting. The bungee jumping scene on the other hand was filmed on the Vizcaya bridge connecting the cities of Portugalete and Las Arenas in the Spanish province of Biscay. Built in 1893 and in operation still today, the structure is 164 metres long and is the world's oldest transporter bridge. Its 'gondola' (the pivoted portion) can transport up to 6 cars and dozens of people.            This extraordinary architectural structure was for the first time the theatre of an extreme performance like the one shot .


Lastly, the new digital 500L Trekking project will be launched on 4 July.  Its main character is again the young father grappling with other hilarious situations. The video project will be on both the You Tube Italy Fiat channel (http://www.youtube.com/fiatontheweb) and in the Masthead format on the YouTube home page on 4 July. The goal of this initiative is to create an interactive experience that places the user and the 500L Trekking at the centre of the story. The main character will personally address the user to go and explore all the phases and experiences of the day, with the hope of remembering the precise moment when he lost his keys.  But this is not the only novelty in the 500L Trekking communications campaign. Augmented reality is already in the paper brochure of the model, and it lets the reader configure his own car by framing the brochure pages with a smartphone. All you have to do is download Ciao Fiat Mobile - developed by Mopar® customer care together with the Fiat brand and available free on the App Store and Google Play - to discover a winning configuration experience.


Turin, 1 July 2013 


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