21 February 2011

The New International Fiat Campaign Gets Underway

The first commercials of the new international Fiat campaign by Leo Burnett are on the air in Italy, Germany and Spain. The message is simple, direct and very close to the daily experience of people: technology often makes life complicated instead of simplifying it. Fiat is well aware of this and this is why its mission for more than a century has been to make cars with an original style and advanced technology, accessible to everyone, with smart solutions that simplify and improve the on-board experience.

Each time the footage relates a few moments of difficulty between man and technology, from the ATM that doesn't want to return the card up to the highly modern door of a hotel room that is impossible to open. Small obstacles that everyone runs into sooner or later. Fiat instead offers solutions for making life a little bit easier every day: by reducing fuel consumption and emissions, for example, or by offering a car filled to the brim with standard equipment with the transparency of the "real Fiat price". In short, the brand once again demonstrates its desire to always be close to the people, both with innovative, valuable products and with a clear, open language.

Distributed through TV, radio and print media, the new campaign is a vast project with a modular structure that will let Fiat communicate every model of its range both in Italy and abroad, in every season of the year. It is all made even more interesting by the commercials' soundtrack, the atmospheric "Reality and Fantasy" by Raphael Gualazzi. This is the title track of the new album by the Urbino-born pianist and composer, as well as recent winner of the 2011 Sanremo Music Festival in the Young Artists category.



Turin, 21 February 2011

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