05 July 2013

The new website dedicated to the 500 family is now on line

  • www.fiat500.com: the first website all wrapped up in one page.
  • Entirely browsable using two joystick cursors that make the user's experience enjoyable and fun, in perfect 500 style.
  • "It's the 500. What more do you want to add?" The journey in search of the family made up of the 500, 500C, 500L and the new 500L Trekking and 500L living models starts out.


On the occasion of the sixth birthday of the Fiat 500, the new website dedicated to the entire 500 family was launched on 4 July. The family members are the 500, 500C, 500L and the brand-new 500L Trekking and 500L Living models, which are being presented to the international press in these days in Milan. Cars that are very different in form and character, but which have the same roots in common: the Fiat 500, the icon of Italian manufacturing par excellence, which establishes itself throughout the world thanks to Italian style, continuous innovation, respect for the environment and premium quality.


Created by the advertising agency M&C Saatchi, the goal of the innovative website is to convey the values shared by the entire 500 family while involving the user throughout his browsing experience. Its purpose is not only that of demonstrating the various connotations and features of the models, but above all to convey the 500 concept, which is a simple, fun, fascinating, colourful, stylish and thrilling world. "It's the 500. What more do you want to add?" This is the phrase that gives the green light to the journey for the discovery of the 500 family.


Designed for the iPad, but totally usable from a PC, www.fiat500.com is an automotive website that distinguishes itself from the others starting from its simple and engrossing browsing features and ending up with its structure built on content levels. Its peculiarity lies precisely in the modular interaction that guides the user on his journey to discover all the features of the 500 family that after its expansion over the years has now reached the point of meeting various needs in terms of space, style and performance. All that is needed is a few simple 'gestures' without every losing sight of the car holding your interest to explore the world of the iconic Fiat city car on a single page.


The model is always in the foreground while its information and environments scroll vertically behind it, interacting with the car and altering it. In this way the user has the impression of never leaving the page. All he sees are the contents changing dynamically following his own actions. Entirely browsable using two joystick cursors that make the user's experience enjoyable and fun, in perfect 500 style, the website offers two menus. The level one menu can be browsed using the left joystick and presents the 'home', 'trim levels', 'colours', 'engines', 'rims' and 'interiors' items. Each section of the main menu on the left opens up a level two menu, which goes into further detail and is browsed using the right joystick. The large pictures of the car feature clickable icons that let the user explore the car further in depth. For example, the 'camera' and 'telecamera' functions let the user see images and videos, while the (+) icon offers additional information on the technical features of the car.


Turin, 5 July 2013


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