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The work of the Fiat Centro Stile has made the Punto Evo even more attractive. In particular, the interiors of the new model have been completely redesigned to represent the most evolved expression of Italian style, with top-quality materials and superb attention to detail. The dashboard, modelled on the consoles and air vents, is the standout feature with its laminated materials that differ in colour and texture according to the trim. The top of the dashboard is also refined thanks to an embossed surface that makes it more pleasing on the eye and to the touch, as well as ensuring there are no reflections in the eyes of the occupants.
In between the upper part and the front fascia on the passenger side, there is a diffused ambient light that is particularly pleasant when driving at night.
The new central control console has been split into two, with the stereo characterised by a glossy black surface at the centre of which lies the LCD. The air conditioning controls are located underneath, in a separate panel, while in the upper section there are air vents with a storage compartment that, on some trims, comes with a door that can also be used as a base for installing Blue&Me–TomTom.
The instrument panel has larger dials for the speedometer and rev counter, with newly designed numbering and a new cowl visor to keep out the sun.
All the framing is coloured differently depending on the trim. The door panels have also been given a facelift, giving them a more cosy feel that includes large fabric-upholstered areas. The armrest inserts also differ according to the trim, while the pocket is larger and comes with a bottle holder.
All the seats in the various trims are made from innovative materials that have been improved not only aesthetically but also ergonomically. In addition, compared with the previous model, there are more storage compartments and the Blue&Me system's USB port has moved to the central console.
The Fiat Punto Evo has also undergone significant external changes to both the front and rear, such as a new bumper with improved technical and functional areas: for example, there are two radiator grilles combined in a single trapezium-shaped area with two side attachments containing the direction indicators, while the lower grille incorporates the new circular fog lights with an adaptive cornering function. You can tell the different versions apart by the front bumper: the sporty trims have a hexagonal-mesh grille and a dark line with an embedded Fiat logo; the Comfort Line versions have a horizontal-mesh grille and a chrome-coloured line. Compared with the previous model, the headlights stand out more and are technically superior, as well as offering the daytime running lights function at the side and different framing (dark for Sport Line versions, chrome-coloured for Comfort Line versions).
At the rear, there is a new bumper incorporating the number plate; innovative taillights with a guide light that can be seen at night in the shape of a pair of brackets opening on the left and closing on the right; the central Fiat logo that is also used to unlock the boot; and the new Punto logo with a different coloured dot depending on the engine. The original side mouldings blend into the new-look front and rear parts (the three-door versions are enhanced by a chrome-coloured line featuring the car's logo).
The latest design has also stretched the car to a total length of 406 centimetres, meaning that it retains its winning characteristics of driver and passenger comfort. The other external dimensions remain the same, with a width of 169 centimetres, a height of 149 cm and a wheelbase of 251 cm.
Finally, there is a range of 13 colours, seven of which were not available for the previous model: Grigio Intellettuale (Tech house Grey), Blu Temerario (Acid jazz Blue), Blu Illusionista (Brit pop Blue), Nero Rubacuori (Progressive Black), Verde Avventuriero (Unplugged Green), Bianco Radioso (Easy listening White) and Rosso Sfrenato (Tango Red).

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