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In keeping with the spirit of the new car, FGA Capital has decided to "evolve" its own financial products by making use of and improving on what has already proved successful in the different foreign markets in which it operates. In fact, the solutions on offer for the Punto have a cross-market logic that takes into account, on one hand, the improved market conditions on the back of scrappage incentives in large parts of Europe and, on the other hand, the existing financing offers.
To make the financing proposals as accessible as possible, the financial structures have been put into four different groups: this enables each market to offer the most appropriate solution for the specific demands of its customers.
In Europe, the financing options will have identical names and logos in order to ensure consistency from a marketing point of view.
Customers will be able to use either traditional purchasing methods, such as instalments in Italy and hire purchase elsewhere, or innovative, incentive-based accessible financing structures in the form of four proposals:
- “Punto Evo Open”: the simple, short name incorporates many ways of making the new model accessible through various affordable rate, duration and instalment solutions.
- FGA Capital's “Punto Evo Zero Gravity” is a really attractive offer based on promotional rates and fixed instalments for the duration of the lease.
- “Punto Evo Micro” is an unorthodox instalment plan that allows you to pay off small amounts during the first one or two years and then larger instalments further down the line.
- “Punto Evo To You” allows clients to totally customise their contract and, above all, provides them with continual updates on qualitative and technological content as well as style. The PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) structure makes it easy to choose the deposit and instalment amounts and the duration of the lease, ensuring brand loyalty on one hand and the security of a guaranteed future value on the other, as well as the possibility, at the end of the lease, of choosing to replace, return or refinance the car.

In addition, FGA Capital exclusively offers the Blue&Me–TomTom satellite navigation system with all four plans, and gives you the chance to add insurance products such as credit protection, third party, fire and theft, and fully comprehensive designed specifically for the Fiat Punto Evo and offered on favourable terms compared with normal market conditions.

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