World première: the 500 GQ

  • Presenting the Gentleman's Car, a special series for the metropolitan man of the third millennium.
  • With the collaboration of Gentlemen's Quarterly, the men's magazine edited by Condé Nast.
  • Orange details and a sporty look for those who like to stand out with style.
  • In European showrooms from next June.
  • A showcar in the exclusive two-tone matt grey/carbon black livery on exhibit.   

The Geneva International Motor Show witnesses the world début of the special series Fiat 500 GQ resulting from the collaboration with Gentlemen's Quarterly, the men's magazine edited by Condé Nast which sets the style and culture trends across the world each month. Available for purchase next June, a showcar  of the new version will be on exhibit at the Fiat booth. This model stands out for its exclusive and refined two-tone matt grey/carbon black livery.   

Resulting from the partnership  with the world-famous men's magazine, the Fiat 500 GQ is dedicated to the metropolitan man of the third millennium: a fan of sophisticated aesthetics and uncompromising style, he's a young customer who's always connected to his web community, who enjoys what life throws his way to the full, experiencing the fun, the culture, and the social life of the modern city.

The new special series about to be marketed is based on the 500S, yet the exterior differs in the two-tone paintwork (metallic grey/black), the chrome-plated mirror covers, the specific 16" alloy rims and the 'GQ' logo on the pillar, as well as some exclusive features of this version: an orange 500 logo on the hub caps, orange brake callipers (only on the 100 HP 1.4 engine version) and grey aesthetic liner.

Similarly, the car features the exclusive orange Fiat 500 GQ logo fitted on the dashboard and leather seats with matching stitching. Specifically, the new upholstery was designed to offer the best possible ergonomics, guaranteeing comfort and character in a single solution. The internal look of the Gentleman's Car is completed by the sports pedal unit with aluminium effect and the leather gear knob.

Available in the saloon and convertible configurations, the new Fiat 500 GQ can be equipped with the 69 HP 1.2, 85 HP 0.9 TwinAir and 100 HP 1.4 petrol engines, as well as the 95 HP 1.3 MultiJet (all combined with a manual gearbox).

With the new 500 GQ, the range of the iconic Fiat 500 is completed, having recorded over a million sales across the world since 2007. A genuine expression of style and personality, the 2013 range includes 2 bodies (saloon and convertible) and 5 engine versions (69 HP 1.2, 85 HP 0.9 TwinAir Turbo, 100 HP 1.4 16v, 69 HP 1.2 EasyPower and 95 HP 1.3 MultiJet 16v).

The Fiat 500e
The icon of Italian-made cars with a 111 HP (83 kW) electric battery-powered engine.
Fiat meets the actual needs of its clientele, whatever the market or policy on CO2 emissions.
Available for purchase solely in the USA from the second quarter of 2013.
Less than 4 hours to 'fill up' and a range of 140 km.
Consumption levels of just 29 kilowatts/hour for 160 km and an annual battery recharging cost estimated at 500 Dollars.

Visitors of the Geneva International Motor Show will get a chance to see the European première of the 500e, the small zero-emissions electric car recently presented at the Los Angeles Motor Show, which will be available for purchase solely in the United States from the second quarter of 2013.

Together with the brand new 500 GQ and 500S versions on show in Geneva, the 500 continues to raise eyebrows for its ability to reinvent itself relentlessly. The new zero-emissions city-car emphasises how the Fiat brand is able to respond to the need to reduce CO2 emissions, whatever the market or government policy.

Unique style harnessed for efficiency
Designing cars which are compact on the outside and large on the inside, with an empathetic, eco-compatible design yet which are still fun to drive: this is the 'Simply More' styling and design approach implemented by the Fiat brand. The same approach applied to the new 500e, projecting its Italian design into the future, through a silhouette modelled in the wind tunnel and futuristic retro references with a spotted matrix for a look at the very cutting edge. To achieve an aerodynamic improvement of 13%, the Fiat 500e offers eight exterior refinements and over 140 hours of testing and honing in the wind tunnel.

Inside, the 500e 2013 merges a futuristic retro design with the unique features of Electric Vehicle technology, making for a simple yet innovative interior. A new 7" TFT digital display embellishes the instrument panel where, thanks to clear and accurate colour graphics, all the vehicle functions are displayed, along with the battery charge levels and the trip summary. In addition, a new TomTom navigation system allows the driver to see the vehicle charge programme, the capacity and energy flow measurements, and he or she can even find the nearest recharging stations in real time.

Under the dashboard panel, the Fiat 500e 2013 features a new easy-to-use electronic gearbox with a drive selector push-button. And for an additional touch of style, the passenger compartment is available in black or white, all underscored by bright elettrico orange features which further accentuate the distinctive personality of this particular 500.

Best-in-class performance
Designed to be an Electric Vehicle without compromise, the Fiat 500e 2013 relies on the winning formula of offering a compact car - a characteristic trait of the 500 - adding a new electric battery-powered engine which develops a horsepower of 111 (83 kW) and which is recharged in under 4 hours thanks to the 240 V level-2 (OBCM) on-board charging module.

The EPA - the US Environmental Protection Agency - has valued the performance in the extra-urban cycle of the new Fiat 500e: the result is 108 MPGe, a value yet unbeaten by any electric vehicle on the US market. In detail, the MPGe is the measurement unit developed by the EPA to determine how many miles an electric vehicle can cover with a quantity of electricity generated by a battery, with the same energy content as a gallon of petrol.

The tests carried out by the EPA showed that, on a full charge, the Fiat 500e has a range of approximately 140 km, the best value among all electric vehicles on the US market produced by the major car manufacturers.

In addition, the Agency estimated the annual cost to power it to be in the region of 500 Dollars. This estimate was calculated by forecasting the price of electricity during a mileage of over 24,000 km with the performance specifications on the combined urban/extra-urban cycle of the car. The Fiat 500e boasts an index of 116 MPGe on the urban/extra-urban cycle and 122 MPGe on the urban cycle. Lastly, the EPA tests report the car's energy consumption to be just 29 kW/hour for 100 miles.

Passengers can access information about the Fiat 500e using a new smartphone application, compatible with iPhone and Android, which shows the condition of the car in real time, managing the battery charge levels, recording the energy consumption, locating the car and the nearest battery recharging stations, planning and sending routes for the vehicle and sending text message warnings and notifications.

Lastly, to make sure the new Fiat 500e 2013 offers first-class manoeuvrability and braking capacity, the engineers devised a new chassis and suspension for the electric motor, consolidating the outstanding European driving dynamics for which Fiat and the 500 model are known the world over.

Custom-made technology for all the needs of the international markets  

Where growing awareness of environmental issues brings together consumers and governments from the various continents, customer requirements differ considerably due to national culture and policy.  This is the reason for the unique alliance between the Fiat and Chrysler groups for the joint development of innovative programmes which satisfy a sustainable custom-made mobility in the various markets in which both groups operate.

For this reason, Chrysler is the centre of expertise for electrifying cars for both Groups, with special focus on marketing these products in the United States where this technology is now consolidated. In Europe, on the other hand, Fiat Group Automobiles pursues the containment of polluting emissions and of the level of CO2 by developing its own technologies (TwinAir, MultiAir and MultiJet II) applied to its petrol and diesel engines, in addition to the distribution of alternative power supplies using methane gas and LPG, which are concrete solutions within everyone's reach and now available for all.

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