"500 Couture": Fiat presents the next frontier of exclusive customisation

Fiat 500 makes headlines once more, as befits an authentic Italian style icon, this time by presenting "500 Couture", the next frontier of exclusive customisation at the Paris Motor Show, of which the exclusive "500 Ron Arad Edition" is an example. Distinguished by special quintessentially Italian craftsmanship, the bodywork is customised with a specific design like a garment "sewn" onto the car and making it unique.


The "500 Comics", "500 Camouflage" and "500 Jeans",  showcars, three different expressions of the "500 Couture" concept, inspired by the world of fashion and created to enhance the pop and trendy nature in the 500's DNA, will also be on display in Paris. 


Versatile, creative and perfectly at ease in cities, the iconic Fiat 500 boasts a natural flair for customisation. This is the context of the new "500 Ron Arad Edition", the latest take on the concept of Italian high-end tailoring for customers who want to express their personality with a uniquely distinctive style.  In recent years, customisation has become paramount for the automotive world where there is a great variety of choice and where customers are getting more and more careful and selective. Thus, we are now faced with a growing selection of cars and a change in the attitude of customers, who in their purchasing decisions now show a strong desire for distinction: every customer wants to feel unique and assert their own personality with their car. There is only one answer to this legitimate demand for extreme customisation: the Fiat 500.  


The "500 Ron Arad Edition" celebrates the meeting between an iconic car and an internationally celebrated designer. In particular, the silhouette  of the legendary 1957 Fiat 500 - informally known as 'Cinquino' by enthusiasts - is drawn on the sides of the car using quintessentially Italian craftsmanship. It was precisely the founder of the current 500 family that Ron Arad chose as the central figure in the "Reverse" exhibition hosted from December 2013 to March 2014 in the Pinacoteca Agnelli, Turin, the exhibition area designed by Renzo Piano at the 4th floor of the Lingotto, at the level of the track where Fiat cars including the 500 were once tested.


The "500 Ron Arad Edition" is packed with great features, including a glass sunroof, chrome-plated accents, black interiors, superb black Poltrona Frau leather seats with ivory trim, 7" TFT instrument panel, Blue&Me, leather steering wheel with radio controls, automatic climate control system, fog lights, 16" alloy rims, black metallic paintwork and white mirror caps with the silhouette of the legendary 500 drawn on the side panels.


To be sold starting from November on the major markets across Europe, the "500 Ron Arad Edition" is a collector's item and Fiat has decided to reserve a special service to enthusiasts who will buy it. The car will be delivered directly to the new owner's home together with an accurate 1:18 scale model in a showcase.


The same exclusivity is expressed by the other showcars on display in Paris, all characterised by quintessential Italian craftsmanship to represent different interpretations of the "500 Couture" concept. In detail, the "500 Comics"  pays homage to the pop nature of the iconic 500,  and flaunts a beguiling two-tone livery (pastel ochre yellow/metallic black) embellished by craftsmanship resulting in "stitching" that traces out the stylish lines. The a "500 Camouflage" instead is inspired by the trendy nature in the 500's DNA and plays on a particular grey/green camouflage pattern, highlighted by the fluorescent yellow mirror covers.  The line-up is completed by the "500 Jeans", also inspired by the world of fashion of 500, which stands out for its blue livery and typical denim stitching, reproduced for the first time ever also on the dashboard.


The exclusive "500 Ron Arad Edition" - like the other three showcars on display at the Motor Show - are expressions of the multifarious spirit of the iconic Fiat which is perfectly at ease also in the world of Art and Design.  Not by chance, the "500 Ron Arad Edition" and the "500 Comics" were the stars of a special event staged at the MotorVillage Rond-Point des Champs Elysées for Fashion Week and a few days ahead of the opening of the Motor Show.


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