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It has aroused great curiosity and interest from international press and public alike. It has been the focus of attention at major international motor shows: Geneva, Barcelona and Frankfurt. Innovative and stylish, the Fiat Idea is a superlative automotive example of technological progress at the service of mankind. The dual concept 'innovation and emotion' has always been one of the most authentic wellsprings of Fiat tradition: to make the most advanced technology available to all and ensure Fiat models offer smart solutions that make life simpler and better. The latest addition to the Fiat stable is no exception. Even its name suggests its winning features.
If we think of the word IDEA as an acronym, we can assign to each initial an area of excellence, i.e. one of the basic criteria that typify the new model and make it unique in the motoring world:

  • Intelligent;
  • Design;
  • Emotive;
  • Architecture.

All the technological applications that have improved our lives in the past have come about like a light bulb going on, almost always as a result of observing nature closely. The birth of a new car is also the result of a lucky break, a flash of stylistic intuition backed by research into new taste trends, emerging customer needs and projections to forecast market and rival model trends. The same thing happened in the design and production of the Fiat Idea.
Firstly, the new model is an intelligent car. Hence its engines are lively performers but decidedly thrifty when it comes to fuel consumption (the results are among the best in the category) and represent an effective solution in and out of town. The engine range includes a petrol-driven 1.4 16v 90 bhp unit and a 1.3 16v 70 bhp Multijet, both combined with a manual or robotised 'Dualogic' gearbox; a 1.9 100 bhp Multijet and 1.2 16v 80 bhp both with mechanical gearbox. All the engines available on the new model are particularly noiseless due to exhaust systems with optimised layout and configuration. Sophisticated technology is also the watchword when it comes to the many devices and systems adopted to ensure maximum in-car wellbeing: from a huge, innovative sunroof (Sky-dome) to a sophisticated dual zone climate control system. Not forgetting that the original compact MPV offers state-of-the-art automatic devices to make driving less of a chore: including Cruise Control and Dualdrive electric power steering. The Fiat Idea's second winning attribute is connected with Design. The innovative, stylish new MPV transcends the current distinctions between cars of different segments: it is more manageable than a segment C, roomier and more flexible than a segment B and more compact than an L1 car. Everything is packed into a little under four metres in length, 1.70 metres in width and 1.66 metres in height.
In appearance, the Fiat Idea looks solid and safe yet it is also original and elegant. Its exterior is recognisable for its broad shoulders and generous wheels given extra flair by clean, up-to-date lines of great personality. The smooth shape with no sharp edges conveys an impression of discreet, non-aggressive power and emphasises the welcoming, protective shell-like nature of a passenger compartment that guarantees safety while also promising comfort. Comfort is also offered inside by a versatile passenger compartment that reveals painstaking attention to the tiniest aesthetic and technical details. For example, the modern, well-proportioned design of the cabinetwork and trim weds ergonomic excellence with acoustic comfort and climate control. The result is an ideal environment for travelling in relaxing comfort at all times.
The upper part of the original facia is soft and yielding as on higher segment cars. An original-looking gauge is set into the centre while the keys and controls are easy to identify and use. The gearshift is in the middle of the facia close to the steering wheel in a user-friendly position. And there is more: two roomy closed compartments on the facia and a double DIN compartment in the middle. Big pouches on the panels, a compartment on the ceiling and a spacious console between the front seats. All five seats are comfortable, ergonomic and safe. With a few quick movements, they can assume different configurations including an unusual couchette position. In this case, the front seats are folded forward to form a platform while the rear seat backrest is reclined by more than 45 degrees. The Fiat Idea interior can be changed to meet different requirements due to its folding front seat and two rear seats that slide forward and backward and can be reclined independently. Intelligent in the solutions it adopts, innovative and elegant in its design. And the Fiat Idea is much more. Because the new model gives you true emotions, a tangible sensation of in-car wellbeing in any situation. Simply climb aboard the new compact MPV to discover a special mental and physical sensation that means finding plenty of space at all times and, most importantly, exactly where you want it. It means being able to get into and out of the car easily and conveniently and, once you are seated, being surrounded by an airy, well-lit environment lit by oceans of glass.
To achieve this extraordinary level of comfort, our designers applied cutting edge ergonomic criteria right from the development stage. The outcome is an outstanding result for the Fiat Idea's basic ergonomic functions: roominess, driving posture, accessibility, visibility and reconfigurability. Suffice it to say that driver height can vary from 1.50 to 2.00 metres, a segment record. In addition, the shoulder room in the front amounts to 1402 mm, while the rear shoulder room is 1365 mm (both measurements are among the best in the category). Passenger room coefficient is also 99.5%, one of the best percentages in this market band. Not forgetting that the Fiat Idea luggage compartment is one of the roomiest in its category (320 litres). If you still do not have enough space, simply fold the rear seat down for an outstanding load capacity: 1420 litres measured at the roof.
A car to experience, in other words. Some of the credit must go to the special sound system by Blaupunkt (including a Hi-Fi system with 9 speakers and a CD and MP3 player) and the sophisticated CONNECT NAV+, the most sophisticated integrated infotelematic device and the one that currently offers the highest number of functions and services.
The final initial in the name IDEA stands for 'Architecture' This is the only word to describe the special structure of a model that offers a total MPV driving experience. Because it is higher than segment B and C cars, for example, the driver sits in a different position in relation to the ground for improved ease of access and greater mastery of the road. Due to its extensive window area and generous door mirrors, the Fiat Idea allows you an unprecedented relationship with your surroundings. A new idea that cars should be safer and more respectful of the environment has been taking root for some years now. To respond to this increasing awareness, Fiat set out to ensure that the Fiat Idea offers the same specifications and equipment as other recent Group models in the fields of safety (preventive, active and passive) and the environment.
For example, the Fiat Idea represents the very best the car industry can offer in the ecological field: from the choice of materials to machining and recycling processes. It is yet another example of Fiat's commitment to research and development. Other examples include our revolutionary Multijet engines or our increasingly sophisticated petrol engines, not to mention our electric and hybrid cars or cars that run on alternative fuel (methane, LPG and hydrogen). Fiat is one of the leading companies that have contributed, over the years, to slashing exhaust emissions, fuel consumption and vehicle noise.
And so from respect for the environment to driver and passenger protection. Fifteen thousand hours of mathematical modelling, 60 crash tests, 100 simulations using a HyGe slide, 200 tests on components and subsystems and 6 specialised suppliers involved in codesign. These numbers demonstrate the company's commitment to making the new compact MPV one of the safest cars in its segment. In simple terms, the model offers up to 6 airbags (front with two activation stages, sidebags and window-bags that protect the rear passengers too); adjustable front seat-belts (with pretensioner and load limiter) and three point rear belts (including a central position). The model also comes with Isofix attachments to enable you to carry even the smallest passengers in absolute safety. The Fiat Idea is also well-equipped for active safety with ABS and EBD as standard. ESP can be added as an option together with a Hill Holder for easier hill starts.
The Fiat Idea will completely alter your understanding of compact Multi Purpose Vehicles. All the major motor manufacturers are present in this steadily expanding subsegment, an important market band where Fiat wishes to shine. And more: it wishes to offer a new type of car, designed for all but destined to appeal, in particular, to 'early adopters', i.e. the sort of customer who is more curious about new products, more open to brand new solutions and more willing to accept them.
Such people are more mentally open and active by nature at work and at play. They are men and women who have learnt how to make the most of their time between one engagement and the next, whether personal or job-related, snatching time to relax and obtaining gratification wherever they can. For them it is essential to think in terms of a versatile car able to indulge their needs at different moments of the day and of their life; 'many lives, just one car'. The Fiat Idea offers an opulent, warm and welcoming environment, a place where you can enjoy all the special comforts that come from being able to choose colours and fabrics, make the most of the space available and enjoy an impression that is sophisticated yet carefree.
Such customers are very much at home with an Italian style that is elegant yet also comfortable and informal. The sort of philosophy that gives us top quality deck shoes designed for yachting but also perfect for an evening stroll or pre-dinner drink. Or a sports shirt that would look equally good on a more dressy occasion. The Fiat Idea is an ideal vehicle for young families who are always on the go, a faithful companion in town traffic on working days and an oasis of relaxation and calm during weekends and on long trips. The model is aimed at customers with different needs, tastes and lifestyles but one common goal: the desire to own a good-looking, comfortable car that can satisfy their need for freedom.
The model offers them a truly broad and diverse range that offers everyone their very own Fiat Idea. Different specifications are available for different markets, yet all offer great value for money and each corresponds to a different way of inhabiting and using a car. In the main European countries, customers will be able to choose one of 4 engines: the 1.4 16v, the 1.2 16v, the 70 bhp 1.3 16v Multijet and the 100 bhp 1.9 Multijet; 4 specifications (Actual, Active, Dynamic and Emotion); 11 body colours - and 3 interior trims: each available in two or three colour shades.
Customers can also customise their car with devices and systems chosen from the Accessory range or from the list of exclusive options available for the range: e.g. the 'Sky-dome' sunroof, sidebags, ESP with Hill Holder, 'Dualogic' gearbox, dusk and rain sensors, Cruise control, Hi-Fi system and CONNECT NAV+.


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